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Plant Upright Tying Tapetool

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    Create the best trellis support with Treetrill

    This tape tool can help any plant grow sky-high. Treetrill trellises your plants quickly, safely and easily. The trellis work can be done in minutes, not days.

    Wrap it around the branch and pull the trigger, Treetrill will do the rest. The durable tape wraps any plant of crop firmly and delicately.

    Treetrill makes a day’s work around the garden in a few minutes. Manual trellis work is a thing of the past, with this tool you’ll save days of work each year.

    What makes Treetrill so good

    Guide the growing process- Help your plants to grow upright or guide them along a path. You decide how they’ll look.

    Custom trellis is seconds- There is no easier way to bind plans to stakes or trellising wires. Within minutes the trellis work is done.

    Strong, stable and safe- The smooth tape doesn’t injure plants. It withstands the tug and pull by strong winds and weather conditions.

    Why Treetrill is for you- You can spend days with the trellis work. Treetrill makes the process simple and short while keeping every plant firmly bind.

    Plant Upright Tying Tapetool

    The promotion expires at the end of the countdown!

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    Plant Upright Tying Tapetool


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