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Pastry Wheel Cutter

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The Tool Guaranteed To Decorate Your Baked Goods The Right Way

Are you looking for an easier way to cut your pastries? well, look no further... We've created a way that you can cut and bake decorations like a pro. Introducing the Pastry Wheel Cutter

 The perfect all-in-one solution to create the perfect pastry.

Easy to use system that allows any beginner to get started today and make amazing designs. Simply roll around the edges to cut and in just a few short minutes you will have those perfect well-cut edges in no time. Making your pastries look like it came out of a magazine.

Made with a Nonslip grip that offers you maximum comfortability and support to make perfect pie designs for hours without worrying about your hands getting tired or cramping up.

Perfect to use for pies, quiches, fondant decor, and even other foods such as pizza, lasagna, and even cookie designs. This means you can really get your money's worth and use it for much more than just your pastry projects.

 It's not just our amazing products that make us stand out from the competition so easily. It's our dedication to customer satisfaction and product development that makes us one of the leading leaders in the market today. Get yours today so you can make pastries like a pro.


Beginner Friendly- Perfect for anyone just starting out to come in and make beautiful pastry designs. This means even if you have zero experience you can make delicious looking restaurant-quality pastries as soon as today. 

Precise- Cuts deep, effective, and precise in just one move. This means you can cut the most perfect and precise lines with fewer do-overs.

Multi-Functional- You can use it when you're making pies, can use them when you're making lemon bars, can use them when making cookies, or even other food such a pizza and lasagna. Perfect to cut through all types of food you decide to use it for.

Lightweight- Doesn't weigh a ton and so sharp and precise it just glides right through. The non-slip grip allows you to make perfect lines through your pastries without your hand cramping up or getting tired

Easy To Wash- No worry about a big mess to clean up afterward. Just give it a quick clean and  rinse and you're good to go

Pastry Wheel Cutter

The promotion expires at the end of the countdown!

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Pastry Wheel Cutter


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