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Led Lightup Mask

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    Bring the party with you wherever you go

    The party is where the lights are and Raverow brings the lighting with it. This the party mask for everyone looking to get crazy during the night.

    Raverow flashes in 7 different colors and 4 unique patterns. It lasts for the whole night and is easily rechargeable and washable so you can take on every event.

    Bring out your personality and stand out in the night. Be unique, unforgettable and protected while going out at venues and events.

    Why Raverow is for you

    Create your own spotlight- Raverow glows in 7 luminous colors! Stand out in the night and create your own colorful spotlight.

    Makes the night unforgettable- You know it’s about to get crazy when you put on Raverow. Light up the show and make the night blaze.

    Glow every night- When it gets dirty just wash it and put it on again. The batteries can be charged with a USB so you can shine forever.

    Raverow is the ultimate choice- When you put on Raverow the real party starts! Make the next party night the craziest yet!

    Led Lightup Mask

    The promotion expires at the end of the countdown!

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    Led Lightup Mask


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