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Gramkal-Non-stick Grill Mats

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Gramkal creates the perfect grilling experience

If you are tired of cooking on the wide grilling bars, then Gramkal is the mat for you. With it, you can cook on a flat surface while keeping the griller clean.

Gramkal is so thin, it cooks meat to perfection and even leaves the bar marks. The cooking options become many when you have a flat mat to grill on.

The mat doesn’t stick and washes with ease. Gramkal is the best choice for a better grilling experience. Now you don’t need to be a chef to become a master griller.

What makes Gramkal so good

Grill anything you wish- The grilling possibilities become endless on a flat surface. Gramkal makes grilling easier than ever.

Keeps the flavor and tenderness- Gramkal is thin enough to get the meat nice and cooked. The taste remains delicious.

Leaves the griller shining- You won’t need to scrub your griller ever again. Gramkal keeps the griller from any stains.

Why Gramkal is for you- There is no finer grilling mat. You can cook without anything sticking on


Gramkal-Non-stick Grill Mats

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Gramkal-Non-stick Grill Mats

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