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Bye Bye Mosquito Wand ™️

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The Bye Bye Mosquito Wand™️ is the #1 rated Mosquito Killing wand/lamp!

Each year, nearly 700 million people get a mosquito-borne illness each year resulting in over one million deaths.

Eliminate the chances of transfer-spreading illness that mosquitos could potentially cause by getting the Bye Bye Mosquito Wand™️!

Say goodbye to harmful bug chemicals and repellent sprays.


EFFICIENT DESIGN: With the newly re-designed 3 layer racket this now drastically decreases the chances of mosquitos escaping. The Bye Bye Mosquito Wand™️ currently has the most effective design to help solve any mosquito issues within your home.

HIGH POWER VOLTAGE: The Bye Bye Mosquito Wand™️  is built with a high voltage electric discharge that can Kill any bug/mosquito with one simple zap! 

EASY TO CLEAN:  The Bye Bye Mosquito Wand™️ is easy to clean after in use! With the Simple wand, design bugs will not get tangled and caught inside making it difficult to remove from the wand. Turn off the power, Shake,  and wipe with a towel or even a paper towel if necessary. (Note: To be safe make sure power is off)

SAFE USAGE FOR ANYONE: Unlike other mosquito repellers, the Bye Bye Mosquito Wand™️ doesn't release any chemical fumes or toxins that will harm the individuals using the wand. This wand gives off a special non-glare light that attracts the bugs to the wand. Once the bug directly contacts the wand a zap goes off and the bug gets killed. Preferably for people of age and not in the hands of children.

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Bye Bye Mosquito Wand ™️

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Bye Bye Mosquito Wand ™️

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